A perfect gift for anniversaries, newlyweds, or
start a romantic stay in Fredericksburg, Texas.  

Body Massage

Treat your special one and yourself to a Swedish full body style massage in the intimate setting of our couples rooms. (pressures: light, medium, med-firm, firm)
NOTE: Prenatal massage availability is limited to the one hour couples massage.  

Enhance with Reflexology: 

Reflexology (Acupressure):  Focused pressure targeted to the body's specific energy points (primarily in the feet and hands) is known to be very effective with chronic pain and stress.

Add 30 minutes of Reflexology to fortify the effects of your relaxing Swedish Body Massage  for the ultimate treatment.

1  hr - $149 / couple
1 .5  hr - $222 / couple
2  hr - $298 / couple


Upgrade 1 hr to:
1 hr + .5 hr Reflexology
(1.5 hr appointment)
$239 / couple

Upgrade 1.5 to:
1.5 hr + .5 Reflexology
(1.5 hr appointment)
$312 / couple


Body Massage
European Facial Massage

When you and a loved one want to really pamper yourselves with luxury and relaxation this treatment is spot on.  Enjoy an indulgent combination of our two most requested services.

European Facial Massage using premium botanical skin care products, aromatherapy and acupressure massage on the face.  (approx. 45 minutes)

Swedish body massage using aromatherapy or unscented oils. (approx. 45 minutes)

1.5 hr - $258 / couple


Upgrades to Combo Couples Package: 

Add Premium Facial Treatment Products to your facial massage. 

The decadent "Red Wine Facial Massage" cleanses and deeply nourishes the skin while fighting signs of aging.  Enjoy our top of the line facial massage loaded with quality botanical antioxidants and moisturizers that will leave your skin glowing, radiant and feeling rejuvenated.


The luxurious "Jade Green Tea Facial Massage" was created utilizing green tea powder that tones and soothes problem and sensitive skin. This treatment is a great cleansing facial massage "rescue treatment" that also works well with male skin.  It's a treatment that will pamper, reinvigorate and rejuvenate your face and neck

Extend the luxury with 30 minutes more Massage time.

Add 30 minutes for each person to the relaxing Swedish Body Massage portion of your treatment.

(45 min + 30 min) = 75 min total massage.


Combo Prices

Combo Facial/Massage
1.5 hr - $258 / couple

Upgrade Options

Upgrade 1 Facial massage
1.5 hr - $278 / couple

Upgrade 2 Facial massages
1.5 hr - $298 / couple

Extend 2 body Massages
2 hr - $338 / couple

Upgrade both Facials & extend Massages
2 hr - $378 / couple