We understand reservation circumstances sometimes change.  Please be courteous and give us a cancellation or rescheduling call at 830-990-8413 at a minimum of 24 hours before your appointment (or 48 hours for groups of 4 or more).  We would appreciate the opportunity to rebook your time slot.

We must hear from you personally or by telephone conversation to insure you avoid cancellation charges.  Voice messages, texts, or emails are not acceptable for cancellation.

1) We charge a half-price cancellation fee with less than 24 hours notice before your appointment start time.
2) Additionally, with less than 4 hours notice or "no shows", we must bill the full cost of the scheduled treatment.

*** Why? When an appointment, is made your time slot is blocked and other customers who could enjoy our services are turned away.  In addition, many of our spa treatments require up to 24 hours preparation time to fresh mix treatment solutions which are waste. 

Our spa professionals match their busy work schedules to meet your appointment time and many commute from other towns and cities to provide service to you. Their time is their source of income.